FinTech – Emerging Investment Themes Globally

[6 min read] With $5.3B+ poured into 360+ deals, FinTech seems to be a favourite among investors. Here are a few quick bits on the FinTech funding scene. This piece is based on Neha Singh’s talk at the August Edition of Startup Saturday, Neha is the co-founder of research and analytics firm Tracxn[More on them below] Investment… Continue reading FinTech – Emerging Investment Themes Globally

Building Great Products

Startup Saturday April 2017 took off with some of the best product people in Bangalore sharing their thoughts and experiences on building great products. Here are the key pointers from the session: Rahul Goyal VP – Product Development. Turbotax at Intuit For those of you who’ve read the Lean Startup, you’d know that Intuit has… Continue reading Building Great Products

Accelerators and incubators – Quick 101

Starting up can be a very gruelling journey and having a support system in place can greatly increase odds of success. Institutions such as startup accelerators and incubators are environments that are conducive to startup growth. The March edition of Startup Saturday saw a panel with an interesting mix of speakers. Rahul Gupta from India’s leading… Continue reading Accelerators and incubators – Quick 101

Breaking Away From Gender Role Expectations – WE at Headstart Feb 2017

Passion. Energy. Intense dialogue These words defined the the WE session on the 19th of February 2017. The session began with a brief introduction by Preethi Guruswamy and Malavika Datar from Lean In Bangalore. Lean In Bangalore is part of the global Lean In network, an initiative committed to offering women the ongoing inspiration and… Continue reading Breaking Away From Gender Role Expectations – WE at Headstart Feb 2017

Advice From A Startup Veteran: Building The ‘A’ Team

Serial entrepreneur, science fiction enthusiast and startup veteran. Sandipan Chattopadhyay, CEO of xelpmoc (Turning complex around!) had some interesting pointers for the rookies and aspiring entrepreneurs at Startup Saturday Bangalore February 2017. Based on Sandipan’s extensive experience in his previous ventures (JustDial, and some more), he stressed that he lives by the maxim ‘The… Continue reading Advice From A Startup Veteran: Building The ‘A’ Team

A Guide To Getting Funded By Stellaris Venture Partners

February 2017 saw the announcement of Stellaris Venture Partners‘ $100 million maiden fund. Founded by ex-Helion partners Ritesh Banglani, Alok Goyal, Rahul Chowdhri. The fund is aimed at India specific solutions and global SaaS startups. Rahul Chowdhri, one of the founding partners addressed the audience at the February 2017 edition of Startup Saturday. Rahul did… Continue reading A Guide To Getting Funded By Stellaris Venture Partners

Product Teardown Session – Key Takes

The August Edition of Startup Saturday themed “All About Product Design” saw a number of interesting talks. Jasmeet Singh Sethi, CEO and Co-Founder of Tinkerform, a B2B innovation and design consultancy firm, shared his views and experience in designing easy to use products in the product teardown session. Jasmeet began his interactive session by taking the… Continue reading Product Teardown Session – Key Takes

Creativity In Product Design

Do you build what users ask you to or do you not? Pavan Soni, Innovation Evangelist at Wipro and Research Fellow at IIM Bangalore, strongly advocates the latter. The Opening Question What is the one common thing that unites the products below? Do take a minute to think! No one explicitly asked for these products! Yet, these… Continue reading Creativity In Product Design

User Research 101

There isn’t a greater teacher than failure and we often hear Lean practitioners preaching the mantra to fail fast. The idea, however, isn’t to fail beyond a point of recovery, but, rather, to fail quickly, learn and reduce your risk of a complete failure. Veena Sonwalkar, Group Lead of Institute of Customer Experience at Human Factors… Continue reading User Research 101