Demos from Mobile and communication segment: Part 1 of 2

Today I am amidst some the very innovative products in India right now. Read below to know why I sound so excited:

Sonim: Sonim has solutions in the mobile technology area. They demoed their intersting rugged wireless device that works as a walkie-talkie, Presence and Mobiltiy enabled device, a mobile pager and a normal GSM phone. Another key functionality is a bundled push-to-talk feature.

Digit: The Indian qwerty is here! And guess what who is doing it? A foreign company! Digit demoed FasTap, a system of fitting more keys on your mobile phone pad. It is basically an arrangement of ‘high’ and ‘low’ keys to make a synthesizer keyboard kind of model. They have a list of patents around this idea and mechanical design, so the idea of copying this stuff is out of question! They are basically looking at licensing the technology to handset manufacturers. Pretty cool stuff!

Mobisy: “10 lines of code and you can integrate with a big application like Facebook!” Mobisy demoed an application platform that makes you write an application for a mobile phone very very fast. Their representative, Chhavi, said they are not rivalling Symbian, Java or Windows Mobile. But they would like to push it through the handset makers. Their platform is made to work like a platform on another mobile.

-Posted by Arpit


  1. on sonim:

    great technology and in particularly really liked the “ruggadized” factor of the mobile. while mobile phone , as a device, will see loths of demand in the enterprise sector , my personal opinion is that “push to talk” technology can be used as a consumer product if the application can be integrated in to normal GSM/CDMA mobile phones.

    on DIgit Wireless:

    it was really fascinating to watch Dugal give a very good demo on UI design of mobile handsets , especially in the indian languages. i particularly loved the part when he said ” indian languages are more comlicated and diverse than the chinese lang” and all these years i was thinking the way round.
    i think what Dugal and his “big” company of 12 people trying to achieve is very important to the indian mobile “diaspora” . it will find lots of application and penetration in the rural,non-urban, semi -urban markets. and like one of the estemmed VC Mr Srini said ” ABCD ( aaiya , Bhaiya,Carpenter,D) is where the mobile innovation and business model is … ) , what Digit is doing will help marketers to penetrate such markets .

    on mobisy:

    Chavvi gave us a demo of a very interesting application . i am really happy to see an indian company (a start-up at that ) using facebook open source platform . i would be watching out for this company definitely!

    to sum it up:
    great display of technology and applications and really looking forward to hear more about these guys in 2008.


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