Demos from Mobile and communication segment: Part 2 of 2

Sloka Telecom: Sujai made an impact. As always! He made us sit through a WiMax network. “We want to change the way the networks are deployed – dramatically. Most of the team comes from traditional network deployement equipment background. We figured out that the cell-size for mobiled need to be smaller and smaller – Closer to the user connectivity. We had set ourselved to the vision to make extremely small, extremely efficient, extremely cheap base stations.” So, here there was a guy sitting in one corner of the audi with a PC camera in hand. And another receiver in the other corner. The network streamed @3 Mbps video. First 5.8 Ghz WiMax network to be deployed in France will be based on Sloka’s solution.

Sujai said, “WiFi makers in valley take 120M for development. We did in less that 1 M. Three years back, when we started, I said this is not possible. But we did it. We did not buy test equipment. We hired senior people and paid them one-third of the market salaries. We did the most advanced thermal equipment analysis. We made a base stations without fans. We made sure it does not fail. This is what all is about doing a startup!”

TringMe: Imagine making a voice call to a person across the planet without any installations, simply through a light weight flash application sitting on webpage! Apurva from TringMe personalized ‘Click to Call’ widgets. Clicking on this simple widget connects you to a person’s IM, Phone or a SIP phone. BTW, this application has been featured in TechCrunch 3 times already and even by visiting the website, you can never make out which area in the world are they located! They even have a voice-activated call gadget too! This session was awesome indeed!

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