Exploring Hyderabad with Exprs

Meet Exprs! A startup from Hyderabad, they embody the spirit of the ecosystem in their city. Read more about the Hyderabad ecosystem here.


A Grid of Nano Distribution Network Spread Across High Density Neighbourhoods

Hyderabad is home to numerous innovative startups filled with immense talent and passion. It is a hub for accelerators and venture capitalists, making it a place for startups to strive and flourish. The city offers a platform for startups to groom their business and succeed in their choice of industry. One such startup that grabbed this opportunity is Exprs.

Exprs seeks to counter the problem of security in terms of getting packages delivered. Their main aim is to use speed and quality to deliver every package with the utmost care in the shortest possible time. They make the clients package a priority, no matter how small or large. They ensure employee productivity by

Funding for Exprs has not been much of a problem. The company was started by raising funds from friends and family of the founder. These people saw potential in the startup model and wanted it to grow. Even though they are looking to seek more funding, the startup also raised money in a seed round and an angel round.

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Challenges & Future Plans

One of the major challenges Exprs faced was when it was unable to secure a physical location for its employees inside offices and gated societies. This was mainly due to lack of extra space. Secondly, demands are always fluctuating in the locations that the startup works with and so they have been relocating all their delivery staff. Another challenge is to deal with multiple stakeholders as well as making sure that the deliveries are done on time and the customer experience is on point.

In terms of marketing techniques, Exprs uses target marketing, offline advertising, community building, conducting various engaging events, and reaching out through various social media channels. The team believes in collaboration and coordination with the aim of expanding and reaching out to the masses.

For the future, Exprs wants to increase productivity in terms of efficiency and convenience. They want to create a grid of distribution centers connecting every high-density point. They are in the process of introducing mobile delivery vans in a few places. This will help them increase flexibility in terms of multiple locations. Moreover, they also want to explore early morning deliveries in much more detail.

In the years to come, it is expected that the need for packaging in society is going to grow exponentially. As times have changed, the logistics have evolved too. E-commerce is an up and coming industry, making Exprs even more relevant in today’s times.

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Anoushka Chopra & Sanskriti Bhatnagar
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