WFH innovative solutions!

Need tips for Working From Home?

Here are the startups offering innovative solutions for managing WFH during the lockdown period!

Under the lockdown over the current situation, mandated “Work from home” may bring us an opportunity to reflect on conventional workstyle and reimagine better and flexible ways of working.
Many people, however, may have been so used to working in physical office set-up, face-to-face meetings, or tea breaks with colleagues that it may be difficult to adapt ourselves to work productively and creatively.

Some startups around the world have invented innovative solutions to enhance our Work From Home experience. Let’s have a close look at these inspiring ideas. 

  • Riff Analytics
    Struggling with team synergy due to a lack of face-to-face communication?
    Riff is an AI-based team collaboration tool that analyzes and improves workplace engagement by giving feedback on small group conversational dynamics. It uses vocal data to model human interactions during video meetings. This AI-powered tool provides powerful insight into individual behavior and team dynamics, helping organizations innovate, thrive, and grow.


  • Mural
    Missing whiteboarding with your team for brainstorming and design thinking?
    Mural is a digital workspace that helps your team to plan, brainstorm, ideate, evaluate, design, and empathize with your customers. Its simple and user-friendly UI enables people to ideate and collaborate visually by creating diagrams and organizing ideas, which gives benefits especially for design thinking and problem-solving processes.
    A picture is worth a thousand words! same office. The virtual office “virtually” has various facilities from the office cafeteria to individual personal rooms where everyone can see the presence of colleagues at the office.


  • Walkabout
    Want to feel like you are with your team members in the same office?
    Walkabout provides a virtual workplace for remote teams as if they are physically present in the same office. The virtual office “virtually” has various facilities from office cafeteria to individual personal room where everyone can see the presence of colleagues at the office.


  • Spatial
    Fed up with seeing laptop screens? Why don’t you teleport with your team?
    Spatial has created an AR Collaboration platform where people can instantly teleport anywhere in the world. This innovative idea was featured at two Microsoft Keynotes in the past along with the launch of Microsoft Hololens 2.

Do you have any innovative solutions? But they seem too futuristic?

Then, how about starting with the style today? Here people across the world are sharing their own office made with their creative ideas and jugaads!

While this make-shift work from home has suddenly been imposed onto many people, to redefine a better way of working and rethink what is essential to work productively and creatively, which would definitely differ among individuals and organizations. 

What are your views and lessons on working from home?

We look forward to hearing your strategies and innovations on “Working From Home” better.

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