Arcana Partners with Headstart as it’s Blockchain Partner

As Headstart’s Blockchain Partner, Arcana will help drive Blockchain adoption across 30+ cities and 1000s of entrepreneurs in India India has one of the largest developer communities with a growing startup ecosystem and its blockchain adoption is growing year on year. Being a nascent ecosystem, there are few resources or communities for aspiring founders on… Continue reading Arcana Partners with Headstart as it’s Blockchain Partner

Space Technology 2.0: Thinking out of the world

Opportunities for Founders in Space Tech industry Tired of staying at home during the pandemic? Ever spent hours looking at the sky wondering what lies beyond those seemingly tiny sparkly stars? Join us as we venture out beyond Earth in this month’s Startup Saturday. The first panel featured Mr. Chaitanya Dora, CFO of Dhruva Space… Continue reading Space Technology 2.0: Thinking out of the world

The Preparatory Stage: What one should expect working with a start-up.

Working for a startup is an interesting journey, there are sky-is-the-limit highs and rock bottom lows. While there are many experiences to look forward to, one should prepare themselves to be on the receiving end of some bittersweet, fun, long, and stretched work cultures. So before plunging yourself in the deep and explorative waters, here… Continue reading The Preparatory Stage: What one should expect working with a start-up.

Kickstart for Women Entrepreneurs

Headstart was founded with a vision of “changing the world through entrepreneurship.” Two initiatives that took flight from this belief was Kickstart, an investor connect initiative, and WE, our channel to support the growth of Women Entrepreneurs in the country. Bringing together two great initiatives, this edition of Headstart’s Kickstart for Women Entrepreneurs addressed the… Continue reading Kickstart for Women Entrepreneurs

Hospitality- The Buck Stops Here

The first part: Technology: An Enabler for Travel Industry focused on the role of technology in the travel industry. Panellists talked about their technology, their advice to new startups, and the market. Read about it here. The second part: Travel Experience: The Deal Breaker focused on experiential travelling and how our founders facilitate a perfect… Continue reading Hospitality- The Buck Stops Here


The term branding goes beyond the meaning all of us entrepreneurs assume it holds. It is essential for product recognition and creating value in the market. Gibson Biddle, the former CPO of Netflix talks about why it is important for businesses and what are the two models of branding that will help us to get a jumpstart on the path of success.

Policies & Funding for MSMEs

In 2007, the Government of India set up a new branch called the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. This ministry envisions a bright future for the MSME sector- they’d like to grow and develop the sector to their full potential. To do so, they’ve put in place various policies and methods of funding… Continue reading Policies & Funding for MSMEs

Marketing Strategies | HS Live 2.0

 The ability to understand the new shift in marketing.  “Marketing isn’t just creation and promotion, it is a process as well.”  ~Neil Patel  Marketing is no less than an act of putting the customer on a transformation journey through the product/service offered. While it may sound easy, there is a whole process that is to… Continue reading Marketing Strategies | HS Live 2.0

“Topline Drives Business”: A Fatal Fascination

The art of knowing your bottom line just by looking at your top line. “What you measure affects what you do; if you don’t measure the right thing, you don’t do the right thing.”                                                                                                                    ~Joseph Stighz        Did you know that according to YourStory, the year 2020 has a lot of lessons, drawbacks and uncertainty lined… Continue reading “Topline Drives Business”: A Fatal Fascination