Public Relations for startups: a key to growing visibility.

A detailed guide to deciding and creating your very own Public Relations startup strategy. The key is to bring value to your target audience and make sure that your story hooks the media from the very beginning. Dive into various tips and techniques to get your PR right!

Power of Influencer Marketing

With the advent of social media, having an ID on Facebook, Instagram and other sites are common today. As of 2019, there are 3.484 billion social media users who keep logging in and out of media sites, staying in an interactive group and being social in the virtual world. With the increased use of social… Continue reading Power of Influencer Marketing

Startup Saturday Bangalore – April 2018

Healthcare, is and remains, one of the most pressing challenges for our nation. We have come a long way but still, this space demands extensive advancement. Research says, “The Indian Healthcare Industry is expected to touch $260 billion in 2020”. With government’s latest intrusion in this sector, startups are identifying real problems in this space by taking a second look on things which made us accustomed in the past by addressing issues like early detection of disease, prevention, accessibility, affordability etc.

Headstart, with its Startup Saturday Bangalore initiative, organized an event for April 2018 edition, by bringing experts to share their perspective regarding the growth and challenges in Healthcare Industry. The session started with a very informative Panel Discussion on topic “Opportunities and Challenges in forming Healthcare Startup”

The birth of Headstart Network Foundation

The founding members at Headstart were passionate organisers of unconferences called Barcamps in Bangalore, India. We observed that almost every startup that demoed at a Barcamp (some of them very promising) folded within a year. So we decided to do something about it. We brainstormed, debated, fantasised and ended up with a list of things that needed to be done. It looked something like 1. Connect different stake holders of the ecosystem together 2. Get senior entrepreneurs to mentor the next generation 3. Make startups cool to work in 4. Make funding accessible to early stage entrepreneurs and a few more points in descending order of priority.

Takeaways from Headstart Retreat 2017

“Volunteering at Headstart is a training in leadership” Two years ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to Headstart Network Foundation, a volunteer-driven organisation that’s India’s largest early stage startup community. Back then, Headstart was present in 9 cities. As of today, we are 20 cities strong, and in the process of launching a… Continue reading Takeaways from Headstart Retreat 2017

Headstart Mumbai – A Journey From 0 to 100

  The 20th of August 2016 marks a milestone for the Mumbai chapter of Headstart Network Foundation as it hosts its 100th Startup Saturday. It is the greatest moment for a parent to see their child succeed, I feel the same for my child, Headstart Mumbai, for having reached such a key milestone. I joined Headstart as a Volunteer… Continue reading Headstart Mumbai – A Journey From 0 to 100

Relaunch of Headstart Navi Mumbai!

On the rainy afternoon of July 9, ‘Funding 101’ was organized by Headstart Navi Mumbai as a part of Startup Saturday. The panelists were Anil Amesur, Angel investor and Cofounder, Go Delight Foods Aditya Mishra, Cofounder, SwitchMe and Headstart Foundation Randeep Lobana : Cofounder, Zoomot Anupam Singhal : Cofounder, The speakers… Continue reading Relaunch of Headstart Navi Mumbai!

Bringing back the romance in my life…with Headstart

Did this title get you wondering if I might have found love at one of the Startup Saturday events? Sorry to disappoint, but no. I found my sweetheart and partner 16 years ago and have been married for 12 years now. In these 12 years, we have gone through a journey of endurance, excitement and… Continue reading Bringing back the romance in my life…with Headstart

The Heart of a Volunteer

In the words of Lt.General Jimmy DooLittle, as captured brilliantly on screen in the movie ‘Pearl Harbour’, “There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer”. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the Americans planned a raid on Tokyo, but they were short on experienced pilots with combat experience and had to rely… Continue reading The Heart of a Volunteer

A Look at the February 2016 Initiatives of Headstart

Delhi “Startup India Initiative” by the Government, claims to redefine and restructure the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem of India. Startup Saturday Delhi, as part of its February Edition, gathered to discuss and debate on, whether the initiative marks the beginning of an era, or is it just another government hoax. The day started with a talk… Continue reading A Look at the February 2016 Initiatives of Headstart

Espark-Viridian and Headstart Network Foundation team up for the BigB Plan 2016

Espark-Viridian, an accelerator for early and growth stage startups has teamed up with Headstart Network Foundation, to organize the BigB Plan 2016, a pan- India Business Plan Competition. Inviting applications from early and growth stage startups, BigB Plan 2016 is providing entrepreneurs with an amazing opportunity to get entry into the Espark-Viridian Accelerator and raise seed… Continue reading Espark-Viridian and Headstart Network Foundation team up for the BigB Plan 2016