Arcana Partners with Headstart as it’s Blockchain Partner

As Headstart’s Blockchain Partner, Arcana will help drive Blockchain adoption across 30+ cities and 1000s of entrepreneurs in India

India has one of the largest developer communities with a growing startup ecosystem and its blockchain adoption is growing year on year.

Being a nascent ecosystem, there are few resources or communities for aspiring founders on how to build a Blockchain/Crypto startup.


Headstart being one of India’s largest grassroots level organizations that supports entrepreneurship and startups with tremendous reach in the startup ecosystem is uniquely positioned to help the next generation of startups in building on Blockchain or launching their own projects.


We are thrilled to announce that Headstart has partnered with Arcana to help drive blockchain adoption in India.

Arcana Network is a Bangalore based blockchain startup that is building the storage layer with a privacy stack for developers to build privacy-preserving apps. They are one of the top blockchain projects from India and are backed by some of the leading investors such as Balaji Srinivasan, Ex-CTO of Coinbase; Founders of Polygon; CEO of Republic; AU21; Kenetic Capital; and others.

Arcana’s focus towards ecosystem development centres around helping more startups, founders, and developers adopt blockchain, with the intention to not only help create new projects and ventures in Blockchain but bring awareness and offer support to traditional startups in their adoption of Blockchain.

The bridging of knowledge and support between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 ecosystems is crucial for the blockchain ecosystem to thrive.

Arcana’s partnership with Headstart Network Foundation is the first step in realising this.


Goals of Partnership:

With Headstart, Arcana Network will curate specific initiatives to drive awareness and adoption across Developers, Startup Incubators and Accelerators, aspiring and existing startup founders who will then be supported by Arcana through mentorship and support in either building new blockchain projects or adopting blockchain in their existing technology stack.

These initiatives will pan across conferences, webinars, meetups, hackathons, closed-door sessions with partners and incubators.

Once we have driven sufficient awareness and traction, along with Arcana, founders will be supported with grants, fundraising, and scaling through a new set of initiatives.

We are excited to work with Arcana in truly tapping into India’s potential for being a frontrunner in Blockchain adoption.


How do you participate?

Join Arcana’s community on Telegram or sign up to our email list to stay updated on our announcements regarding these initiatives. The first initiative will be announced over the next couple of weeks.


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