Startup Santa- Headstart Navi Mumbai

It was billed as the New year’s review, a year’s reflection and lots of discussions. The Startup Santa at the Headstart Navi Mumbai chapter saw enthusiastic participation from seasoned entrepreneurs and young budding wannabe alike. This edition of Startup Saturday was in association with CIBA, Vashi, the co-working and incubation hub. The final edition of… Continue reading Startup Santa- Headstart Navi Mumbai

How to Pitch Your Startup Idea to an Investor

While your startup idea may have strong business potential, if the pitch goes haywire, you could miss out on an opportunity to get the financial support and backing of established investors.

We got Sanjay Swamy, a founding member of venture capital firm, Prime Venture Partners to share some pitching tips to help startups have a better chance at getting funded.

Validating your Startup Idea

Starting a new business begins with an idea that needs to evolve through experimentation, iteration, and interactions with people. Coming up with startup ideas can be hard, but validating them is even harder, and more important to your startup than you might realize. Because regardless of how world-changing your idea is, if you build a product before validating the idea it’s based on, there’s a good chance your product will fail.

Startup Saturday Bangalore – April 2018

Healthcare, is and remains, one of the most pressing challenges for our nation. We have come a long way but still, this space demands extensive advancement. Research says, “The Indian Healthcare Industry is expected to touch $260 billion in 2020”. With government’s latest intrusion in this sector, startups are identifying real problems in this space by taking a second look on things which made us accustomed in the past by addressing issues like early detection of disease, prevention, accessibility, affordability etc.

Headstart, with its Startup Saturday Bangalore initiative, organized an event for April 2018 edition, by bringing experts to share their perspective regarding the growth and challenges in Healthcare Industry. The session started with a very informative Panel Discussion on topic “Opportunities and Challenges in forming Healthcare Startup”

Artificial Intelligence: The next step in human evolution

Headstart, keeping its tradition to demystify and present an unbiased view on the latest technologies that are making their way into Indian Startup ecosystem, organized the Startup Saturday event to bring together the best minds in AI space and start the dialogue on “Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Indian economy”.

Headstart – Fostering ‘Pay it forward’ since 2008

As a Headstart volunteer, the most recurrent question we are asked is “Why do you do what you do?” Even if “Why not?” would be a totally appropriate answer, the soul of Headstart lies somewhere else and deserves a more eloquent answer. For startup culture to take root and grow, there are a number of… Continue reading Headstart – Fostering ‘Pay it forward’ since 2008

The birth of Headstart Network Foundation

The founding members at Headstart were passionate organisers of unconferences called Barcamps in Bangalore, India. We observed that almost every startup that demoed at a Barcamp (some of them very promising) folded within a year. So we decided to do something about it. We brainstormed, debated, fantasised and ended up with a list of things that needed to be done. It looked something like 1. Connect different stake holders of the ecosystem together 2. Get senior entrepreneurs to mentor the next generation 3. Make startups cool to work in 4. Make funding accessible to early stage entrepreneurs and a few more points in descending order of priority.

FinTech – Emerging Investment Themes Globally

[6 min read] With $5.3B+ poured into 360+ deals, FinTech seems to be a favourite among investors. Here are a few quick bits on the FinTech funding scene. This piece is based on Neha Singh’s talk at the August Edition of Startup Saturday, Neha is the co-founder of research and analytics firm Tracxn[More on them below] Investment… Continue reading FinTech – Emerging Investment Themes Globally

When to take the plunge: From Employee to Entrepreneur | SS Navi Mumbai

Note: The following article is derived from our session with Bhushan Karn, Co Founder, Entropy Innovations for Startup Saturday Navi Mumbai. Flying through entrepreneurship ain’t like dusting crops, farmboy. – Han Solo as the founder, The Millennial Falcon. Can you imagine!? The single most difficult line to cross: Idea phase We all have ideas. “I… Continue reading When to take the plunge: From Employee to Entrepreneur | SS Navi Mumbai