From 0 to 100 customers | The journey of Exambazaar

Think Exam, Think Exambazaar | How this Jaipur Startup is changing the way student take Admissions in Coaching Classes   The hard part isn’t making a product anymore. The hard part is finding a market for your product and getting them to buy it. Marketing is one of the most crucial components for every startup… Continue reading From 0 to 100 customers | The journey of Exambazaar

How to Pitch Your Startup Idea to an Investor

While your startup idea may have strong business potential, if the pitch goes haywire, you could miss out on an opportunity to get the financial support and backing of established investors.

We got Sanjay Swamy, a founding member of venture capital firm, Prime Venture Partners to share some pitching tips to help startups have a better chance at getting funded.

4 Steps to Finding the Right Product-Market Fit for your B2B Startup

The most important factor that helps any startup scale is the right product-market-fit. More than 40% of startups fail even though they’ve created a high-quality product. This is because there was no market need in the first place.

As part of the Startup Saturday held by Headstart Bangalore, Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, partner at Upekkha, shared some tips to help early-stage B2B startups find the right product-market fit.

How to Get from 0 to 100 Customers for your SaaS startup

Read through some of the interesting short-term tactics that Ravi shared to help SaaS startups get their first 100 customers.
Ravi Trivedi, Founder of PushEngage – a platform enables website owners to send push notifications to its customers, was a speaker at Startup Saturday, Bangalore, where he took us through the journey of getting from 0 to 100 customers.

With hands-on experience running different companies in India and the US, over the past few years, he has been working closely with early-stage startups to help them with customer acquisitions, growth and analytics.

Validating your Startup Idea

Starting a new business begins with an idea that needs to evolve through experimentation, iteration, and interactions with people. Coming up with startup ideas can be hard, but validating them is even harder, and more important to your startup than you might realize. Because regardless of how world-changing your idea is, if you build a product before validating the idea it’s based on, there’s a good chance your product will fail.