Mentoring Session for Women Entrepreneurs

The fact cannot be denied that problems follow women entrepreneurs like a shadow.

Headstart Network organised by Headstart Network Delhi in partnership with Sheroes on 25 August 2018 was an attempt to do something about it. The session dealt simultaneously with the issues faced by twelve startups that participated. The three experts present were from a very successful background with immense experience in the entrepreneurial world.

The startups who were poured with a pool of problem-solving ideas were the following :

‘How to leverage social media?’

Starting with Ms Neela Kaushik, founder at Gurgaon Moms expert in online media who has delivered successful websites and digital campaign for several years was all set to impart her knowledge in the possible ways she can. Looking at the boom the social media is creating her topic of discussion was very trending ‘How to leverage social media?’

The major concerns of the startup she was mentoring was either they were not able to make their presence strong on social media or they were not able to generate revenue out of it. To these issues, our mentor was able to provide some detailed and effective suggestions. She says that social media is all about creativity, patience, timely engagement with viewers and lot of regular work. It is very important to keep your social media engagement up to date as the customer’s requirement changes every 2 years. On asking how to increase likes on social media she has very specific pointers like sending a newsletter, posting blogs, organising weekly contests etc. It’s important to focus on what our customers actually want from us and then modifying the page and services accordingly.

‘Marketing and team building strategies’

Simultaneously, in the adjacent room, we were having yet another wonderful session with our mentor Ms Sarita Chauhan who is a business transformation expert and coach who has transformed more than 10,000 entrepreneurs also being a TED speaker. Her topic of discussion was ‘Marketing and team building strategies’ which is a very strong base for any company to grow.

While building a team they key problems that a company faces is the correct selection of resources and their retention issues. To this, Ms Sarita suggested that it is important to keep a check on their performance and evaluate it on 15-20 days basis and not semi-annual basis. Also at the initial stage, it is the responsibility of the management to make the employee aware of the expectations from him and then he/she can fulfil it. It is also absolutely necessary to keep the communication flow smooth in order to provide the kind of comfort zone that they deserve. For scalability, she focussed on the visibility of the product through social media and networking.

‘Business Planning and Strategies’

At the same time, we also had a word with our last but not the least mentor Ms Deepti Beri, chartered account with 18 years of work experience in the variety of fields including fundraising, strategic partnership, debt raise, IPOs, overseas investments and acquisition and legal structuring. She is currently working as a Chief Commercial Officer at Sheroes. There couldn’t be a better person to answer queries related to ‘‘Business Planning and Strategies’.

One of the participant startups had a query related to the already present target customer and the revenue generation from them. To this, our mentor responded in a very clarifying manner that the target customer should be the one who could easily buy their product or services without any legal, social or any other type of constraints. Expansion strategies were also discussed in a brilliant manner. The need for digital marketing is also a beneficial part of any business planning in today’s world.

Key Takeaways :

  • It is very important for any business trying to sell online to sell emotions and not product/services.
  • Always be very specific about the target audience and their requirements.
  • Be proactive when it comes to updating the social sites at regular intervals to indicate your presence.
  • It is important for your brand to be recognised so working for that is necessary.
  • Managing your employee and providing them comfort zone is a key step in building a strong company.
  • It is necessary for your employees to build confidence in you to retain for a longer time.
  • Networking is extremely important as after all everyone you ever meet knows something that you don’t.

We could proudly say that it was a successful mentoring session and each of our participants was contented and satisfied with the suggestions they received. We definitely look forward to aiding several more women startups in their entrepreneurial journey. As it is quoted by Mr Jack Ma that,

“If you want your company to be operated with wisdom, with care then women are the best.”

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