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More than 80% of our economy runs by small/ medium businesses. But COVID19 has made us value them even more. During the lockdown, it was our local businesses (Kiraanawaala) who helped us in those difficult times. As our roots lie in local entrepreneurship, our branches reach out to the rapidly digitizing online space.  We are always looking for a fusion that can benefit vendors and customers equally. 

About the Speakers:

So, when we decided to dedicate our ‘Startup Saturday’ to help local businesses, we couldn’t think about these two startups PuneEatOuts and GullyBuy were our obvious first choices. 

Right from their names to their founders, they’re truly local in every aspect. ‘PuneEatOuts’ is not only the popular community group on FaceBook but also a rapidly growing platform to connect customers and food businesses directly via their website. GullyBuy is an intuitive app that lets users shop everything available in their neighborhood shops and get it delivered to their homes.

Key Takeaways:


Snippet of the Video

The webinar began with an insightful session on ‘Tips and tricks to grow business Hyperlocally!’ by Aniruddha Patil, founder of Pune Eat Outs. 

Three things to consider before starting a business 

  • Need, Liking, and Opportunity – Not only is it critical for you to look into every aspect of your business, but it is also vital that it all makes sense in Excel and Numbers. 
  • Important to be better and not bigger than your competitors 
  • Every Social Media acts differently: Important to customize your messaging for different Social Media Communication
  • Trusted Brands sells more: Your communication and content should be more focussed on building a trust rather than just selling.

Conclusion:Understand the difference between an Outcome and a Goal. When you have the right mindset, your business achieves every outcome, and you set the right goals.

Start your Online Business in 10 Minutes:

Want to increase your Sales of your Hyperlocal business?

We have you covered with our partnership with GullyBuy, to bring Sales and Marketing value worth Rs. 6000+ to bring sales to your Local Business.

Local Store: 2500+ 

Cities Active: Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Indore 

Benefits: “No setup, No Sales Commission” 

You will get a personalized account manager, customized festival banners, push notifications, and higher brand visibility to users.

To avail the benefits, 

Download and Register today the Gully Buy Application (http://ow.ly/hpF350CFLlY) with Promo Code “Headstart” and get the following benefits:

  • Dedicated Business Manager
  • Joint Social Media Campaign
  • Co-Branded flyer. Physical poster at the Store. Digital version for sharing on WhatsApp, Social Media Handles etc.
  • 50% discount on in-app notifications to all Users in your delivery radius or entire city about Special Offers, new items etc.
  • 50% discount for listing your special hampers (must have min 10% off list price for the consumer) and much more…

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