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Startup Saturday

The antecedent Saturday (12th August, 2017) exhibited a momentous event Startup Saturday, hosted by Headstart Lucknow and Nexus Legal Associates alongside Incuspaze, in order to canvass the legal essentials and compliances for startups.

The event commenced with the distinguished speaker Aanchal Bhatia, CA experienced in introducing operational effectiveness and improving performance for MSMEs and a Management Consultant, foregrounding the basics of financial modeling headed with GST impact on financial modeling. Along with this the speaker also chronicled the basics of structuring a company and when hould one build a so  le proprietorship/ partership/ one person company/ LLP/

Private Limited/ Trust, moreover a separate segment over different sort of taxes need to be paid by startups and how frequently as per the latest budget!

Another speaker of the evening Mr. Nishant Mishra, Founder at Nexus Legal Associates traced the setting up the equity ownership and initial investments under the cofounder agreement, unearthed the Investor agreement to help secure your basic interests in a business, vendor relation agreements, basics of drafting agreements in jurisdiction of civil law tradition along with exploration of the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union under the labour laws.

The event was, by all means, a virtuous one in terms of entrepreneurs seeking legal essentials and compliances to mainstay in the market!

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