Startup Saturday Sales Edition – Key takeaways for startups

Startup Saturday Key Takeaways – June Edition
Theme:  Hacking Sales

Date: 10th June 2017

The June edition of Startup Saturday saw multiple cities embracing the theme ‘Hacking Sales’. We had stellar speakers from all across the country, talking on how to boost sales. For the benefit of the ecosystem, we have compiled key takeaways from different cities here:

  1. Collaborations are very important.
  2. Friends and Family can help amplify sales.
  3. Be persuasive to sell. Rise up and speak.
  4. Do thorough research before reaching out to your customers.
  5. Make a story and be sensible enough to make your customer hero of the story.
  6. Ask yourself, “How can I leverage every available resources?
  7. Funnel the customers – Process of elimination to remove segments who won’t buy your product.
  8. Be reasonable and coach your customers to be reasonable with process.
  9. Don’t show everything at first go.
  10. Judo strategy works – Push when Pull , Pull when push.
  11. Screw your ego.
  12. Grab all opportunities.
  13. Empathise customers to earn loyalty.
  14. Empower frontline to be sensible and sensitive to customers.
  15. Collect testimonials and make your customers influencers.
  16. Cause / Solution of your startup is the hero.
  17. Get married to the problem, not to the solution. Your solution doesn’t matter.
  18. First good sales pitch comes from low-cost high-speed experimentation. This is very crucial for sales.
  19. It is super critical to build personal relationships for sales.
  20. Post sales thought process should be – “I have made a promise. Now I should do everything to fulfill that promise”.
  21. Pitch a dream.
  22. Elements of a good sales pitch – Curiosity before content, options before solution, demo.
  23. Don’t penalize 95% of customers with masive terms and conditions for the sins committed by 5% of the people. So the question to ask is, ‘How big is the problem?’ Let,s try defining a world with good people’s behaviour.
  24. Want can grow, but make it a need. Marry the want to a need.
  25. You cannot sell you passion every time. Accept it!
  26. Define & Maintain the standard of your product

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