Experiences with fund raising, growing business without VCs and exits

The Entrepreneurship panel at HeadStart and Compute 2009 will have entrepreneurs talk about their experiences.

Sloka Telecom‘s Sujai Karampuri will talk about his experience with raising angel and VC funds for his venture. Being in a segment that can not really be called a VC favourite makes Sujai’s talk more relevant. VCs in India invested $500 million in 2007 compared to $30 billion in the US but VC rounds in India were far larger at $9 million per investment round (note : $9 million is the median) than $6.7 million per investment round in the US and $4.9 million in Europe which leads to the conclusion that whatever little VCs invest in India go to later stage rounds which tend to be bigger. So where does that leave entrepreneurs with early stage products ? Hear it from Sujai, this promises to be a fantastic talk.

Who better than Bhavin Turakhia of Directi to talk about growing a business without VC ? And grow it by how much ? Directi is today a $300 million enterprise developing, marketing and distributing mass market web products. Bhavin has been architecting and developing applications and business since the early 90s and is the chief architect behind Directi’s products and services. Bhavin combines the savvy of a techie with the shrewdness of an entrepreneur who knows how to grow a business using his own resourcefulness, a must have for all entrepreneurs.

And then comes K Srinivasan of Amagi, who I first heard speaking at a Startup Saturday a few months ago about how he founded his first venture named ImpulseSoft in a technology domain (Bluetooth products) that interested him and his co-founders a lot and how he went about learning and re-learning what to do with selling tech products and running a business. Srini went on to make a trade sale of ImpulseSoft where he handled strategy and sales execution to a much larger company called SiRF and is now busy and successfully building his second venture and an exciting company called Amagi. Amagi intends to democratize TV advertising by enabling micro-targeting on TV; Amagi, through a combination of technology, ad syndication and creative services enables local businesses to target their locality / demographics accurately across television channels. Amagi works with media networks, cable MSOs, DTH operators and local businesses to make addressable advertising a reality. I will leave him to talk all about it and Srini is one very good example of a serial entrepreneur who knew when to exit and makes very informed and well researched decisions on building new businesses.

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