From Clerk To CEO, The Story Of A Startup Intern

Keyur Shah, an Intern at, candidly shared his experiences of how he managed during his internship, while the founders were away at 500 Startups!

Here’s what Keyur says:

I had 3 months of compulsory internship (graded in the college curriculum) and another two months of holidays which I could include in the above mentioned time. Like any college kid, I was confused where I should intern. Seniors and family in IT field advised big companies are good for CV and shall help get a better paid job but no substantial work shall be given. While, at start-ups I was sure to get enough work and responsibilities. Very frankly, I want to startup something of my own later or sooner, I wanted to experience the heat faced while running one! Thanks to my dear friend @annkur, I got my internship at

I regret my decision. NOT. Sharing some of the memories below which made this internship an awesome experience:

  • Friends at a bigger company got an ID card, different from permanent employees and after weeks of sharing. I got the office keys, first day when I join!
  • I learnt everyone at a startup should have their designation as C2C – Clerk to CEO.  Everyone has to wash plates (even the CEO) and everyone (including ground-staff) has some essential decision-making powers.
  • I get to work, a lot. Not many consider it as a plus but I guess I am some different kind of an idiot. During my time at PriceBaba, I was involved in a technical project, sales, content, marketing (social and offline), HR and what not!
  • The HR part reminds me of the best experience I had. I got to interview an IITian for a job at the company and even reject him! Being a student of MPSTME (engineering section of NMIMS) it’s a big deal, really!
  • During my internship, I got to e-meet a lot of entrepreneurs and media. It has been a good learning on how to interact with them. I do now understand the power of media and effective PR.
  • Not many have the perks of roaming out with the founders, sharing a coffee and views with them, pulling their leg, kicking them. I am glad I enjoyed these moments. They have become all very dear friends today 🙂

All the above points make me feel a bit above others. Today I feel more confident and clear on what I want to do. I believe this is the best start I could get for my professional career. For all students, I would suggest them to intern at a start-up which is at its growing stage – you will not regret!

Keyur has already co-founded a few startups himself, one of the well known is an online community named gujjutips, which has 60,000+ fan following and is growing!! We wish you all the best Keyur! 🙂

Team HeadStart

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