Kreeo, MoovieShoovie, TringMe @Startup Saturday Bangalore

The North Pagola at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) witnessed the first anniversary edition of Startup Saturday on 14th February. It has been one year at Bangalore since the first Startup Saturday which has graduated from a startup bug affected techies to a meeting ground of entrepreneurs, investors, industry folks and developers. There were three startups that demo’ed their products – Kreeo, MoovieShoovie, and TringMe. And there was a cake cutting episode where the audience celebrated the coming of age of Startup Saturdays, a big thank you to Kunal for arranging it.

Sumeet Anand, CEO of Kreeo, started the discussion by pointing out the need for a holistic knowledge management system that could encompass the world wide web and enterprise intranets. With the growth that the web and online enterprise information management systems are witnessing, there is a need for more effective knowledge management systems that go beyond Googling and Wiki searches. The problem with web search now is that the experience is that of finding a needle in a haystack, using it and putting it back in the haystack. Wiki based sources are updated by a few and is not really connected to the search and retrieval experience. Kreeo’s product introduces a concept called ‘Body of Knowledge’ which is realised by users of online systems and the web tagging, describing, answering questions to, and illustrating things that comes across every day.

Moovie Shoovie presented the concept of showcasing memorable Indian movies with high residual value to the NRI audience. Jo, ex-Stanford and ex-Yahoo, made the presentation truly engaging by asking the audience about their favourite movies and why they have been their favourites since ages. She charted out the plan to keep producers, distributors and consumers happy with live streaming of selected movies. The focus is only on Indian movies and the objective is to increase the viewing audience of older movies.

The next demo was of VoicePHP, a new platform for enabling voice-in-online applications launched by TringMe. So far, Voice applications have been hard to implement and the technology in hand which is VoiceXML is antiquated. TringMe has integrated voice capabilities to PHP which is the world’s most popular platform for building web based applications. In the process, VoicePHP as it is called, makes implementing voice applications very easy. So, having your email read out to you, talking to your friends in Facebook through the web and implementing the regular IVRS (interactive voice response system) becomes a piece of cake. TringMe’s business model for VoicePHP is pretty much the same as of web hosting companies; they charge customers per port of VoicePHP hosted by them. Their demo during HeadStart 2009 follows.

Tringme – Enterprise Demos – Headstart 2009 from Headstart Network Foundation on Vimeo.

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