Learn about the latest technology trends at HeadStart & Compute 2009

We have a very interesting set of technical tutorials at HeadStart and Compute 2009 this time around. There are four tutorials covering the most exciting and happening topics in technology – server virtualization, mobility, cloud computing, and social platforms. Each of these tutorials are delivered by experts and I will post details on the agenda of each tutorial and brief bios of people who will deliver these.

To start off, there is a half day tutorial on Server virtualization delivered by Mohan Parthasarathy, Hewlett-Packard, India. Server virtualization is the buzz word in technology today. But the technology is not new and dates back to the 1970s. It has evolved from a primarily software driven approach in the late 1990s to a hardware focussed one with software enablement in last 2-3 years. This tutorial will give a brief overview of the partitioning and virtualization technologies and then cover in-depth the criteria for a hardware to be virtualizable from the perspective of CPU, Memory and I/O, and how early software techniques accomplished this. We will then look at the hardware evolution in the CPU and Memory virtualization from Intel and AMD and cover advances in I/O virtualization from chip vendors and the PCI SIG. Finally, we will close with a brief look at future trends in this space.

The full day tutorial on Cloud computing is going to be delivered by Dr Prasad Ram, Chief Technology Officer, Google. We will post details of the agendas of the remaining three tutorials in the next few days. There are limited seats available in the smaller auditoriums where tutorials are scheduled, so if you are interested to attend, do register for them as early as you can.

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