Live Blogging at Startup Saturday Navi Mumbai – Oct 2015


We are having an introduction round from the participants. There’s an audience of  50+ people, comprising of students, vastu consultants, IT programmers, businessmen, and consultants. We also have companies like 91Springboard, lets hangout, Bon appétito,,, making champs, SMEBots, and curious kids. Around 95% of the people in the audience are 1st timers.

Below are some of the insights from  the October edition of Startup Saturday Navi Mumbai:

Insights from Moksh Juneja, Founder of Pee provider

  1. People don’t have an attention span more than that of a gold fish, when it comes to facebook posts.

  2. If you build your own content you will become successful.

  3. Rehashing content in different point of view can give you good boost.

  4. Sell the sizzle, not the stake.

  5. Come up with the concept and sell the concept. Don’t sell the product.

  6. There are CEO’s of Zilla Parishad too.

Insights from Rajveen, Founder of Wear your Opinion

  1. All our products are quirky and extremely opinionated

  2. We need to have a story for all our products. No story no product.

  3. Treat your customers as your friends.

  4. Reply to all the comments that are given to you on your posts.

  5. Emails drive good customer engagement

  6. Don’t send mail with the email id noreply@xyz…com. Have a real person’s email id.

  7. When you goof up, own up your mistakes,tell your customer that you have screwed up and rectify it.

  8. We don’t study how to do viral posts and try it out. We use our greatest instrument – our creative brains.

Insights from Avesh Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of WebEngage

  1. You don’t sell to a company. You sell to the people. Even in B2B companies, you are selling to a person. It might be the CTO/CIO, the HR, or the marketing head of the firm.

  2. Entrepreneurs, in the initial days, operate from their comfort zone. Eg.  A tech entrepreneur would pitch his product to another tech entrepreneur, who would be thinking “yeh to mein bhi kar sakta hoon”. In this case you have chosen the wrong guy for pitching your product.

  3. Homework : Go back and learn on google what “Retention Cohorts” is and work on LTV. Design your system and processes to retain the customers.

  4. Make your customer your salesman.

  5. My recommendation try out and

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