Must See India – have you ?

The Startup Saturday meet at Bangalore yesterday saw an interesting demo by MustSeeIndia, which is in the travel planning space. While there are a host of companies helping people purchase tickets online, sites like Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip, TravelGuru do not help users find out about places to go to and plan a trip collaboratively with friends. Planning a trip is very exciting for most people and MustSeeIndia just makes it all the more memorable. The site allows recording and sharing of travel experiences which can optionally be made searchable so that users can learn from each others’ experiences. Vikas Rana, co-founder of MustSeeIndia has given out 100 free beta accounts for our readers, use the invite code ‘kickstart’ to get an account on MustSeeIndia.


  1. Hi Kallol,

    Good coverage. Yes, there is an imperative need to cover travel planning, and specially for a country like India, the need and the importance grows.


  2. Fantastic! Travel planning is very much needed.. Importantly, the travel planner should be very intuitive .. Remember Yahoo Travels ! ????

    Ah…it has become kinda just ‘accomodation planner’ ..

    As I see now,,, paintedstork and ofcourse puts nice & factual content .. And I think these guys are capable of making it right! Let us see

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