Starting Up @ Startup Saturday

On the 2nd Saturday of every month, entrepreneurs across 8 cities come together around the campfire called conversations, questions and ideas related to the Indian Startup world – Startup Saturday organized by HeadStart Network.

On every Tuesday, inquisitive entrepreneurs huddle around their TV set to catch the latest happenings on the Startup world- Starting Up on the ET Now channel.

Starting November the 13th, the localized monthly event and the weekly show come together to add their brand of fuel to the highly charged startup ecosystem in the country – Starting Up @ Startup Saturday.

Together we want to create more startups and make existing ones more productive!!!

Watch the video: Starting Up @ Startup Saturday – Promo Video

Mark your calendars and book your tickets for the:

13th of November, 2010 – Starting Up @ Startup Saturday Mumbai

8th January, 2011 – Starting Up @ Startup Saturday Bangalore

12th February, 2011 – Starting Up @ Startup Saturday Delhi

12th March, 2011 – Starting Up @ Startup Saturday Hyderabad

We kick off with Mumbai and the world of online social media. Click here to register for the Mumbai event and to check out the agenda.


  1. Thanks Gaurav, a lot of buzz around your session!

    @ Sridhar – You are welcome, will connect out of thread on volunteering. Its inspiring to see people step up on their own to volunteer

  2. Hi,

    When is the startup Saturday at Hyderabad.. As what is see above, it is in next year March 12,2011.. Why is it not there in this year.. next month ?? or January..

    Is there less members in Hyderabad ?

  3. Would like to know how , when and where do i need to register to attend the session happening at SP Jain (Mumbai) on the 11th of December .

  4. hi,
    i had visited one of the start up saturday sessions at SPJIMR where i had seen 3 gentlemen who were given a chance to get feed back about their startup business. i wanted to register my startup business for the same.
    can u register my company for the same for 12th march 2011 session?
    my startup will surely not disappoint you.

  5. I am sorry Amit,
    We have been extremely late in responding to your query.
    We’ll definitely be game for April.

    If you want to demo at Mumbai, please send a mail with a description about your startup to Arun KW

    Amit Singh
    Team HeadStart

  6. How to join the headstart pune…

    When and where in Pune will the next session of start-up Saturday, be held?

  7. Hi @Manjiri and @Sharath

    Are you guys planning to join HS Pune as a volunteer ?

    Do note that Startup Saturday happens second Saturday of every month. So for May it will be on 14th, June it will be 11th and so on…..

    You can get in touch with the volunteers at SS Pune to know more about joining the enterprising gang!

    Hope I have addressed your query. Feel free to let me know incase of any doubts

    Himnashu Chanda
    Volunteer HS

  8. Hello, I am kalyan here, I would like to know, what’s the actual procedure to join this group. more over when is the next headstart Saturday in Bangalore.

  9. I am Venkat completed my graduation in 2012 and secured MBA seat in TAPMI and SDMIMD the leading B-schools in India but I refused to join in those colleges. I am much interested to become a entrepreneur in E-commerce I am looking forward to buildup a team to become a startup.

    thank you,


    Divvela Mohan Venkat,
    cell: 08886880111


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