Startup Saturdays: Think Beyond the Agenda!

Its been a few months since I have been attending Startup Saturdays in Mumbai and its a great feel to be amongst so many aspiring entrepreneurs. Startup Saturday is  like an unconference, with all the healthy discussions and interaction between the speakers and the audience you would expect. However SS is structured wrt to the topics and speakers. This unique blend is what makes SS so very effective.

Each month SS has a new theme. For example we had a Special Startup Saturday in April, Entertainment in May, MR and Advertising in June and Finance in July. While all these Startup Saturdays appear to be so different w.r.t the topics discussed, you would be surprised to know that someone like myself who has interest only in e-commerce (which makes the June SS most relevant to me), found all these editions to be equally interesting!

Its true that the technical aspects of different domains will be different, however, we always end up getting lessons about things not restricted to any domain. In the Finance SS, we did not learn only about the technicalities of the domain, but also about the struggles of the entrepreneurs setting up the startup, facing competition from the big names, reaching inflection point, et all. How they raised funding, how they marketed their venture and what has been their learnings in the past few years are also discussed in almost all SS, and there are a lot of unique lessons to be learnt each time.

While a Finance guy showcases his startup, he talks about the pain point that he has identified and how he approached it. Believe it or not, this is equally relevant to all aspiring entrepreneurs (Irrespective of their fields). You would certainly take back a lot of valuble gyaan and much needed Networking from any Startup Saturday. So a humble request to the Janta: Stop thinking about the theme and look beyond the agenda! The biggest resource that any entrepreneur can get is ‘Motivation and Inspiration’ to do something. This is what we guarantee you at any StartupSaturday. On a lighter note: Last month’s speaker came to deliver the talk in a BMW. Very inspirational 🙂

By Annkur Agarwal

Annkur P Agarwal is the co-founder of Pricebaba & SahiGST. Pricebaba is a product research engine that helps you research and shop consumer electronics. SahiGST is a SaaS platform for Indian SMEs to effectively manage their GST compliance.


  1. Lets hope to get the power packed beyond the agenda session 2morrow! Its first time I’m attending!

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