Survey to build a report on entrepreneurialism in India

I invite you to fill this survey which will serve as a research base to build a report on entrepreneurialism in India with the idea of a continuing tracker index.

The report is being built by YouGov (London based Research and Consulting Organization) and the Legatum Institute (a policy think tank run by the Legatum Group).
This report is not for internal purposes but for wide distribution. It will be appearing in the Wall Street Journal. HeadStart is glad to assist in this project.

I think the questions are very relevant towards making policy decisions. They touch Government Policies, Business Ecosystem, Cultural Background, Corruption, Tax etc.
It will help Indian entrepreneurs in 2 ways:-
1. By suggesting the policies that are needed to encourage entrepreneursip in India and
2. By highlighting opportunities in India to worldwide audience.

This research is being conducted by YouGov plc in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct which means the data entered by you is kept strictly confidential unless you authorize them to share it. To make it appealing for the survey takers, they have kept 4 prizes worth 35,000 INR.

Each of you who fill the survey will receive a copy of the report.

Trivia: There is a question that used the word “Jugaad“!

By Amit Singh

Amit Singh is the co-founder of Headstart - India's largest early stage startup community. He has a keen interest in startups, technology and design. He runs an award winning product engineering firm called Wow Labz in Bangalore, India. He has invested in multiple startups via Wow Labz as well. He has also cofounded Design Day - a pan India design community

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