Advice From A Startup Veteran: Building The ‘A’ Team

Serial entrepreneur, science fiction enthusiast and startup veteran. Sandipan Chattopadhyay, CEO of xelpmoc (Turning complex around!) had some interesting pointers for the rookies and aspiring entrepreneurs at Startup Saturday Bangalore February 2017. Based on Sandipan’s extensive experience in his previous ventures (JustDial, and some more), he stressed that he lives by the maxim ‘The… Continue reading Advice From A Startup Veteran: Building The ‘A’ Team

Prep for co-founder search

Below are the few points which one should keep in mind when searching for co-founder # Early on 1. Spend at least half a day on the co-founders list Yes, if you are seriously looking out for co-founder then you would have prepared you mind to spare time required to call them and meet them. Go through the co-founder list… Continue reading Prep for co-founder search