Taking Off: Startup Saturday Kochi

HeadStart is proud to announce the launch of its Kochi chapter. Here is a quick summary from our Kochi team on the inaugural Startup Saturday in September. 

On  Sep 8, 2012, we had our  inaugural  event with about 50 attendees at the Startup Village (startupvillage.in). Having successfully founded  1298.in, our main speaker Mr. Shaffy Mather was at his best sharing his learning and  experience with the audience.

Mr. Mather, apart from being the current economic advisor to Chief Minister of Kerala, also has many “entrepreneur learnings” under his belt which he meticulously shared it with the audience consists of new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Mr Mather was able to sprinkle humour throughout his presentation and made it very lively and effective. The humour took his great stories to greater heights and to more hearts and minds.
We also had felicitations from Dr. Jacob  Vadakkanchery who is the leading Naturopathy practitioner and the founder of the chain of Nature Life Hospitals (naturelifehospital.org) in Kerala. Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery also talked about his entrepreneurial activities including establishment of Aruvi Nature Food Restaurant Chain and the  Chain of Nature Life Hospitals. Dr. Vadakkanchery also shared tips for the participants to take care of their health.


Our featured emerging entrepreneurs were Mr. Hisham Kabir and Mr. Chandu Sasidharan. Both Hisham and Chandu made very effective presentations about their respective companies at the event and shared their entrepreneurial experiences and lessons learned.

Overall, we had a great  and packed 3 hours of entrepreneurial talks with good amount of interaction from the audience!

Want to attend Startup Saturday in your city?

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