Well done ! Verismo, Adoroi, TringMe, CashNxt

While we release all the videos from HeadStart 2009 on this site, I could not wait to tell you how happy we feel with the achievements and rave reviews a few startups that demo’ed at HeadStart 2009 have received.

NetGear launched a set top box at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with VuNow which is Verismo’s product built into it. VuNow enables people to watch web video (like YouTube) on Television. CashNxt, which has an ingenious sound based authentication technology was covered by the ReadWriteWeb and by the New York Times as well to show how it can be applied for mobile payment systems. TringMe has been getting great reviews from both developers and sometimes, even competitors who acknowledge that VoicePHP can make building voice into web applications so much easier; they got written very well about on GigaOm and CNN Money. And we received an email from Adoroi who have an ad spend management product that they are a RedHerring Global 100 Winner for 2009, Hurray !! Well done, guys, keep it going. We are all there to help wherever you need it.

Watch VuNow in action.

And CashNxt’s there too.

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  1. Thanks Kallol and the Headstart team,

    There are no words left to thank you all for your efforts . Though i have attended many startup events, i had never come across such a well organised event that had some meaningful contribution to the startup ecosystem.

    I am sure startups like Verismo and Tringme will help in changing the perception that ” A succesfull product startup can never come out of India” and also inspire future entreprenuers.

    Thanks to Kallol, Aditya ( the guy who helped us present better on the stage), Aashish ( who made us get away with stage-fear), Amit ( the confidence booster) and Vinayak (Soft spoken but full on energy..made sure that no startups escapes with out meeting atleast a VC or an angel) and all those in the organising team for giving the startup community a wonderful newyear treat and wish you the very best in taking the intiative to the next level through platforms like Startup Saturday .

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