Analytics : Theme for Startup Saturday Bangalore on 9th May

Analytics is the focus for the May edition of Startup Saturday Bangalore. We have AnalyticsQuotient and Marketelligent their startups. As always, our team visited them at their premises and talked to them to know the fun in the field of analytics. Analytics as a field is comparatively new in India and the way these folks have started off, shows a definite path in the future of this field.

We talked to Pritha from AnalyticsQuotient (’AQ’, as they call themselves) who charted out the paths of five folks with the vision of doing things beyond analytics. They work out the numbers with the data, and go a step ahead to provide business insights to their customers. A little more than half a year into the start of AQ, they have a good grip over global customers, especially in the FMCG category.

Anunay founded Marketelligent around 18 months ago, with a partner whom he had not met before founding this startup, and got incubated at NSRCEL, IIMB. Now, they are out of the IIMB campus. As construction folks put finishing touches to his new office, Anunay is confidently striding ahead with global as well as local customers. He has a great story to share on the day of the event on how his journey has been and the importance of quality and trust in the arena of analytics. Since analytics directly affects strategic decisions, there is a good amount of correlation between returning customers and the quality of the prior work delivered to them. He will also share his thoughts on getting angel funding and the role of networking plus trust in such matters.

We will have two experts to speak on the topic: Nitin Godawat, COO Decidyn Systems and Madan Pandit, CEO Textual Analytics.

Nitin has around 11 years of experience in analytics and management consulting. He has been with Analytics group of Genpact, TCS and L&T. His skill-sets range from statistical and financial modeling, developing data-based strategies, setting-up MIS platform, campaign management and market research. He will give us a holistic overview of Analytics as a powerful tool in today’s world of business.

Madan Pandit, the founder and CEO of Textual Analytics will share from his experience of building an Analytics based product startup in India. Having raised 2 rounds of funding and building a comprehensive suite of products in the Analytics space, Madan will discuss how to talk tech to the techie and biz to the businessman. Madan will also share his understanding of what it takes to build a successful tech product company, particularly in India. If time permits, he would also like to share how language surpasses Maths and how you can make a machine perceive like a human being!

See you at the North Pergola of IIMB on 09th May 09. Do register yourself before you come over!

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