HeadStart 2009 [Summer Edition] on 20th June @Mumbai

The HeadStart Foundation’s annual conference has now become bi-annual with the announcement of the Summer edition of HeadStart 2009 in Mumbai on the 20th of June.

The Summer edition of HeadStart 2009 further experiments with a new format of the event where the focus is entirely on startups and companies with new products. Instead of general panel discussions, the panels are centered around the showcasing companies which could be early stage companies, companies in pursuit of customers and companies making profits and wanting to scale. Going with the very successful demo-pit at HeadStart and Compute in January 2009, this event also retains the demo pit to which entry is free.

Our focus this time will also be to get as many as angel investors to attend the event. Going by how the economic downturn has affected VC investments, we feel that angel investing and business incubation are key to continued startup innovation in India.

You can see the agenda, buy tickets and nominate new products on the HeadStart 2009 Summer edition workspace here.

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