Startup Saturday Bangalore – April 2018

Healthcare, is and remains, one of the most pressing challenges for our nation. We have come a long way but still, this space demands extensive advancement. Research says, “The Indian Healthcare Industry is expected to touch $260 billion in 2020”. With government’s latest intrusion in this sector, startups are identifying real problems in this space by taking a second look on things which made us accustomed in the past by addressing issues like early detection of disease, prevention, accessibility, affordability etc.

Headstart, with its Startup Saturday Bangalore initiative, organized an event for April 2018 edition, by bringing experts to share their perspective regarding the growth and challenges in Healthcare Industry. The session started with a very informative Panel Discussion on topic “Opportunities and Challenges in forming Healthcare Startup”

Artificial Intelligence: The next step in human evolution

Headstart, keeping its tradition to demystify and present an unbiased view on the latest technologies that are making their way into Indian Startup ecosystem, organized the Startup Saturday event to bring together the best minds in AI space and start the dialogue on “Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Indian economy”.

Headstart – Fostering ‘Pay it forward’ since 2008

As a Headstart volunteer, the most recurrent question we are asked is “Why do you do what you do?” Even if “Why not?” would be a totally appropriate answer, the soul of Headstart lies somewhere else and deserves a more eloquent answer. For startup culture to take root and grow, there are a number of… Continue reading Headstart – Fostering ‘Pay it forward’ since 2008

Planning to raise funds for your startup? Read why we didn’t!

When we started working on SahiGST in late 2016, GST was a huge buzzword in business & political circles. In the months to come, some startups started to show up who were focused on this opportunity. Some of them got angel funded while some have much larger VC backed war-chest. As we started SahiGST, we… Continue reading Planning to raise funds for your startup? Read why we didn’t!

The birth of Headstart Network Foundation

The founding members at Headstart were passionate organisers of unconferences called Barcamps in Bangalore, India. We observed that almost every startup that demoed at a Barcamp (some of them very promising) folded within a year. So we decided to do something about it. We brainstormed, debated, fantasised and ended up with a list of things that needed to be done. It looked something like 1. Connect different stake holders of the ecosystem together 2. Get senior entrepreneurs to mentor the next generation 3. Make startups cool to work in 4. Make funding accessible to early stage entrepreneurs and a few more points in descending order of priority.

WE@Headstart Pune March 2017

Saturday morning, 4th of March, 2017 and all roads led to WE@Headstart Pune, planting seeds in a garden we hope to see. WE@ Headstart wants to be a prominent platform to enable Women entrepreneurship where women can get connected with other motivated and determined women, self-help groups, and economic empowering platforms; to share, acknowledge and collaborate on making… Continue reading WE@Headstart Pune March 2017

Takeaways from Headstart Retreat 2017

“Volunteering at Headstart is a training in leadership” Two years ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to Headstart Network Foundation, a volunteer-driven organisation that’s India’s largest early stage startup community. Back then, Headstart was present in 9 cities. As of today, we are 20 cities strong, and in the process of launching a… Continue reading Takeaways from Headstart Retreat 2017

Breaking Away From Gender Role Expectations – WE at Headstart Feb 2017

Passion. Energy. Intense dialogue These words defined the the WE session on the 19th of February 2017. The session began with a brief introduction by Preethi Guruswamy and Malavika Datar from Lean In Bangalore. Lean In Bangalore is part of the global Lean In network, an initiative committed to offering women the ongoing inspiration and… Continue reading Breaking Away From Gender Role Expectations – WE at Headstart Feb 2017

Launch of WE@Headstart Navi Mumbai

Blog by Aishwarya Meenakshi It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a woman entrepreneur in possession of a startup must be in want of a healthy ecosystem to connect with like-minded and determined women. (Jane Austen, thank you.) It is with great pleasure that Headstart Navi Mumbai launched the WE initiative on Saturday, 18th February.… Continue reading Launch of WE@Headstart Navi Mumbai