Enterprise Segment demos: Part 1 of 2

Drishti: Ankur Sharma from Marketing Drishti. Enterprise communication company. First product in 2005. First showcasing of their product. Peculiar requirements from Motilal Oswal. Setup a new standard from price an performance for Motilal Oswal. Multiple media and multiple channels for communication. Their demo showed how can a single operator work across multiple operations like calling, conferencing, offline messaging and a supervisor-less quality analysis.

Infosys: Infosys does not need an introduction. Do they? They demoed a products called Gradient – GRid based Access of Distributed Information in the ENTerprise. The key question this looks to answer is how to make sure that the data architecture does not have to change when the business processes change in an enterprise.

They also demoed the product to which Lin quipped “Come on! How much of this actually gets implemented?” and “Why is Infosys doing it? There are many companies doing this already!”

Incidentally there was the Strategy head of Infosys SET Labs R&D who answered: “System integration unit and IMS unit. We will offer some gradient and grid based to our infrastructure products. We are creating a differentiation for Infosys customers that gives confidence to our customers about Infosys’ offering”.

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