Enterprise Segment demos: Part 2 of 2

Somewhere, someone also asked what are Infosys and Symantec in an event meant for startups. To this Aditya Mishra clarified “At Headstart, we recognized that innovation and technology leadersship, though taking place at a startup in many cases, does not necessarily take place there. Besides, in the marketplace, there is no reason why a large company will not compete with a startup. So the benchmark should actually be ‘best in class’ rather than being ‘the best among startups’.

Thoughtworks: TW presented their collaborative testing tool Twist. This is for large testing suites of large websites like. It basically acts like an IDE for testing. So, it allows you to allow you to execute and ‘tag’ your testing application. Since the testing and developing language are the same, you can actually integrate the testing with the development of your application as well, similar to cruisecontrol. This is going to be a commercial software – one of the first at TW!

Symantec: Symantec showcased a fault-tolerant database management system. This seemed to be so fabulous that eveyone just jumped on the Symantec representative Anurag Agarwal saying this was not possible. He had basically demoed a system in which the state of a failed server is stored and it is ensured that near seamless transition of the process takes place to the one running on a redundant server.

Pramati: Purplebytes is the product that they demoed. It is a desktop based personal dashboard that syncs up with the server whenever the user gets online. It therefore solves the problem of client communication and synchronization of documents. On the face of it, it looks pretty simple way to synchronize documents residing on your computer with someone else connected to the same server. But pretty useful, I must say!

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