First demo session: Consumer services

We just had the first session of demos at Headstart. This saw the latest technology from internet based companies like Alabot, Proficio, MobiSolv, SneakCast and 90 degrees internet:

Alabot: The next time you are chatting with a chat based support, you can never be sure if you are actually talking to a human sitting anywhere in the planet. Alabot has come up with a text based intelligent system that can act as a human sitting at the other end. It can work with NLP, AI, neural networks and all the other hi-fi jargon you have heard about. Check the demo on their website. It is pretty interesting indeed.

Proficio: Proficio is a Bangalore based software company. It is a specialized web-based GIS, GIS/Mapping, spatial data integration and geo-database design company.

SneakCast: SneakCast is a video based search engine. At the core of technology is their advanced facial recognition technology. They use web 3.0 type semantic based technology to put context and key-elements together to make sense of a video in order to break it down into searchable patterns. It showed a demo on how they can search for a “batman flying in night” video.

90 Degree Internet: Ninety Degree Internet Software pvt. Ltd (aka 90DI) is an Internet Company that aspires to develop modern Internet products with a special emphasis on being “local”. It is focusing on addressing the unique needs of a local community, which are typically not addressed by providing generic solutions at a world-wide scale.

mobiServ: mobiSolv, is Mobile Solutions organization with focus on solving real life problems using the mobile technology. They are currently focused on providing solutions in the Mobile Advertising and Marketing pace. They demoed myAdz, the largest Mobile Ad Network in India. We did get a feeling that this has surely the way to go.

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  1. I was a delegate at your event and I didnot see mobiServ demoing today. It looks to me that your content is pre-written 🙁

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