Enterprise demos at Headstart 2009

Widom Tap is in the area of Product search. There is a problem that most online retailers face. To get people to write reviews is a big challenge. The only people who have solved this process is Amazon. What should everyone else do? Most solutions do not have a clean integration of all the sources… Continue reading Enterprise demos at Headstart 2009

Consumer Demos Session

Five of the best consumer companies are up for demo at Headstart 2009. The jury members of this leg of demos at Headstart 2009 were Vishwanathan Poosala of Alcatel-Lucent, Alok Mittal of Canaan Partners and Arvin Babu of Greylock Partners. CashNXT Technologies: They demoed their P2P money transfer solution. You have to call 044-667-678-93 and… Continue reading Consumer Demos Session

How to demo your startup

Two good posts on TechCrunch on the topic brought me around to Jason Calacanis’ email list to which you should probably subscribe to. The two posts on how to demo your startup are here and here.

First demo session: Consumer services

We just had the first session of demos at Headstart. This saw the latest technology from internet based companies like Alabot, Proficio, MobiSolv, SneakCast and 90 degrees internet: Alabot: The next time you are chatting with a chat based support, you can never be sure if you are actually talking to a human sitting anywhere… Continue reading First demo session: Consumer services