Get Sporty for this Startup Saturday @ Bangalore

This Startup Saturday in Bangalore has got an interesting line up of startups in the outdoor sports space. The only sports related startup I remember demo’ing a product at any Startup Saturday is O’Cricket in Mumbai but this weekend will add the following. You can register here to attend. was started by two IT industry experts Anand G. and Mayura BT. Started in December 2007, aspires to become the best website catering to cricketing content in the industry. is contributed by leading cricket statisticians of the country and is well known among the cricketing fraternity in India because of its content. IndiaKhelo team believes: it’s not that there is a lack of talent in our country when it comes to sports, it’s just that talented people are not getting the necessary recognition and motivation. A large number of talented youngsters are being overlooked because of the absence of a system to uncover talent. Even if a kid is good in a sport, he is not motivated by his parents to continue, as they are not aware of how talented their kids are apart from academics. IndiaKhelo was started to provide solutions to all these problems. represented by their CEO, Sanjay Rao. SportingMindz has a spectrum of sports related technology products that range from Match Analysis for a variety of sports, to Umpire and Motion Anlysis. They also offer diverse services in the segment.

GoSports: GoSports intends to bring home more Olympic Golds. The GoSports team works with talented young athletes who have displayed the potential, commitment and drive to be winners on the world stage. They focus on making key interventions in their clients’ careers by securing them access to training, advisory, monitoring and representation services, sponsorships and other personal development opportunities.

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