Headstart Goes National: In Mumbai on June 20th!

Having started in Bangalore, a lot of people have often asked us when are we going national. Having successfully run more than 50 Startup Saturdays across 5 cities, a Startup Job Fair and a first-of-its-kind ecosystem collaboration portal, we believe the time is right for us to play a bigger role in making India of the future.

We believe the India of the future would be formed by not just one cluster of innovation like Silicon Valley, but by combining strengths of multiple regions of India on to one single thread. For example, when an average Bangalorean tech startup runs the short of opportunities, a partnership with people in India’s business hub, Mumbai, would do wonders for its fortunes.

Mumbai presents us with a huge opportunity to move beyond tech-oriented business models into core sectors of economy, services and business model innovations. It closely rivals Bangalore as the second largest software services exporter and offers biggest opportunities in Finance, Media, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Oil, Coal, Engineering… In short, it is the city of dreams, the city of opportunities and, arguably, India’s mecca of entrepreneurial resilience.

So, we decided to take the national stage by moving Headstart to Mumbai on 20th June 2009 (Saturday). This will be a single day event with some crucial format changes aimed at increasing our effectiveness for the entire array of participating startups. In addition there will be some masala, truly Mumbai style!

Feel excited? Stay tuned to this location for more announcements over next few days.

Update: You can now nominate your startup using Headstart June 2009 Nomination Form!

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