HeadStart Network : the Collaboration platform goes live

In the past one and half years, the HeadStart Foundation has organised more than 60 meet ups across many cities and over 10,000 people have attended and interacted at various forums, meetups, talks and conferences. Startup Saturdays have been very popular and continue to attract very good audiences of entrepreneurs and startups despite the economic slowdown.

Going forward, we have realised a couple of things – one, that people and companies must be able to search for, connect to and collaborate with each other; and secondly, this collaboration must happen across cities and match opportunities to needs more effectively.

We are therefore launching the HeadStart Network – an online and offline collaboration platform that we run in partnership with industry, investment and academic partners. The HeadStart Network is now available on http://network.headstart.in. We are going to start hosting mentors, incubators and industry early adopters here from now on.

HeadStart Network home

The HeadStart Network is a collective of project spaces; a project space can provide structured access to corporate early adopters or provide access to incubators and research centers, they will also host mentors that can help startups in a variety of ways and Startup Saturdays will also occupy project spaces on this portal.
Project Space home

The portal allows users to search for other people by names and expertise and connect to them and allows people to build up profiles and manage projects they are part of.

People and Project Search

Profiling people and Communication

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