Startup Saturday Bangalore’s Agenda in March : The Wealth in Health

The March edition of Startup Saturday Bangalore is going to witness an amalgamation of technology in the mobile space with that in the Healthcare space.

Numo Solutions, a Bangalore based Mobile VAS company will demo its “Health Alert System” branded as Vaccimo. The key word is ‘care’: In today’s world of break-neck speed, Vaccimo enables Doctors and Hospitals to provide customized health alerts to their patients over SMS, Voice Messages and Email. “Connecting Web and Mobile and delivering content over SMS, Voice and WAP makes us unique in the Mobile VAS space” says CEO, Kesava Reddy. The service currently targets doctors with their own clinics who want to pay personal attention to their patients. Vaccimo contributes to a more aware world of healthcare. It also enables continuous improvements in services to patients.

Numo started as an offshoot of MyDuniya Networks. “Numo is not a Health Care startup” clarifies Kesava, “Our approach is to build a horizontal platform, which one customize quickly to suit the needs of any vertical market segment”. In simple terms, this means that they have built a platform which makes it very easy to provide message/voice driven Value Added Services which can be applied to any market segment. Their approach is to not focus too much on technology (which is easy to replicate in any case), but to focus on entering and capturing new markets. They are set to launch a similar service named “EduStat” in the Education Space.Numo is looking forward to getting some authentic feedback on their services. We also request you, fellow HeadStarters, to invite people you know (mostly Doctors) who would be able to make use of Vaccimo and give Numo some feedback from a prospective customer’s perspective. If you have invited any such person, please connect them to me on amit at headstart dot in, and we will follow up with them from there on.

The guest talk will be in the Health Care space as well, with Mr. Rohit M. A., Director,

The Cradle, sharing his insights on the opportunities in the sector. The Cradle, an initiative of The Kids Clinic (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd in conjunction with the Apollo Hospitals Group, brings to Bangalore several pioneering and revolutionary concepts in birthing. Rohit will also share about his entrepreneurial journey of taking building a startup “The Kids Clinic” and creating a strategic partnership with a large establishment, “The Appolo Group” to produce a unique offering in the form of Cradle. I have had an opportunity to visit their premises in Jayanagar, and I must say it was nothing short of a 5 Star facility. You can take a virtual tour of Cradle here.

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