Clean Tech, an untapped golden opportunity which will change the way the world lives. SSMUM, May 2011

Talking about clean tech we start thinking about recycling waste to make something all commend but no one buys. We think about the climate change speeches, NGOs, corporate social responsibility and all. Is there a Business sense to all this? A remote possibility is all we can say. This was about to be tilted head over heels at SSMUM. The speakers talked about why clean tech is a golden opportunity to be grabbed and how innovative solutions are bashing our futile assumptions.

Clean Tech @ Startup Saturday Bangalore Aug 09

The August edition of Startup Saturday showcased two of the finest efforts in the domain of clean tech. While the term clean tech is in a lot of discussion, these days, there are a number of concepts that need clarifications, and when it comes to start-ups in clean tech, SSB is always at the forefront… Continue reading Clean Tech @ Startup Saturday Bangalore Aug 09

IT’s going Green

There has been a recent spate of articles, events and people talking about ‘green computing’. Venture capitalists in India are also reportedly looking for clean tech investments. After going through portfolios of all major VCs operating in India, I could find only a handful of investments in this category which is very aptly captured by… Continue reading IT’s going Green