WE@Headstart Navi Mumbai Feb 2017: Panel Discussion

Read about the WE@Headstart Navi Mumbai launch here. The panel consisted of our keynote speaker Corporator Netra Shirke (with all her Wisdom), & first generation entrepreneurs Dr Tejal Kanwar (bringing her Insight) and Dr Supriya Shinde (Sarcasm. So much Salt.) The panel was moderated by Aishwarya Meenakshi (yours truly 🙂 ) (I have a vague… Continue reading WE@Headstart Navi Mumbai Feb 2017: Panel Discussion

Clean Tech, an untapped golden opportunity which will change the way the world lives. SSMUM, May 2011

Talking about clean tech we start thinking about recycling waste to make something all commend but no one buys. We think about the climate change speeches, NGOs, corporate social responsibility and all. Is there a Business sense to all this? A remote possibility is all we can say. This was about to be tilted head over heels at SSMUM. The speakers talked about why clean tech is a golden opportunity to be grabbed and how innovative solutions are bashing our futile assumptions.

Quotes from Enterprise panel discussion

We had the enterprise segment panel discussion yesterday. Here are a few words of advice to entrepreneurs from our speakers: C Mohan, Chief Scientist, IBM India and an IBM fellow: “One thing that I would like to mention is that there is the IBM’s venture capital group that partners with small companies to use IBM’s… Continue reading Quotes from Enterprise panel discussion