Enterprise demos at Headstart 2009

Widom Tap is in the area of Product search. There is a problem that most online retailers face. To get people to write reviews is a big challenge. The only people who have solved this process is Amazon. What should everyone else do? Most solutions do not have a clean integration of all the sources of information that the web may have. The wisdom rank conversion engine can simply plug the API and it sources from several social media sites, websites etc.

How it is different is in this way: How do I say that a 6 MP camera is worse than a 10 MP camera. That clearly depends on what the usage of our camera is. For example, we can choose to put recommendations like “what is good for wildlife photography”. Most other website cannot crack the lenses problem. If you plugin our API, you can get some very rich content on your website on day one.

The IP that they have built is the method to assign an authority each person would have commanded over a period of time on being active.

Meshlabs is a developer of solutions that discover concept based personalized from any given content source on the web. Sampath and Arijit. When you are working in big enterprises, you figure out that there is no single way to get all the information in a single place, you waste a lot of time in searching on the web. www.zimesh.com is a Sharepoint lookalike that allows me to do deep search on each of my interests, including the content that I have generated and what others have posted. It also integrates the information from the web on to the same system. There are a number of personalization options as well.

They claim to have a very small setup time for even a 500 member organization. On the backend, they have NLP algorithms and claim to do several good quality searches regardless of the document type created – DOC, PDF or HTML.

Tringme is a repeat at Headstart. They dazzled everyone in Headstart 08. They are introducing VoicePHP today. This is the first worldwide demo of VoicePHP! You know what they did? Apul came up on stage and said “I have long been associated with something. I want to share the mourning with the entire gathering. Could you all please stand up”. He then declared “VoiceXML is DEAD!” 😀

And then he shared why VoicePHP was such a revolution from the testimonials people have written all over the web. You have to learn VoiceXML just to work with voice. VoicePHP just stiches everything together. TringMe has earlier released world’s first flash based VoiceXML product. And now they are integrating the PHP with Voice.

Simply put, the IVRS providers are now running out of business now. VoicePHP has the potential to replace “everyone right here right now! Heard about a Blue Ocean Strategy. THIS is it!

Indusgeeks is India’s first company to work in virtual worlds like Second Life. The prototype of metamersive learning spaces enables vitual world based learning with the advantage of being able to connect to the the learning in the way that is not possible in real world like history, or in outer space. The MLS environment would make learning fun and engaging like a 3D learning environment. It comes equipped with a white board and several more things. It also comes with a full learning management systems of its own.

The bandwidth and hardware requirements – about 256 kbps per user while streaming over the internet. It can also work on a LAN based solution – thin client would also work. On the hardware side, any modern age graphic card would do.

The K-12 market that they are focussing on, they say there is enough of content available. The idea is to supplement regular learning systems as an add-on (virtual field trip)

Artin Dynamics is an artificial intelligence based power management solution. They claim that about 26% of the energy is wasted in computers and appliances that is not being used at a point in time like in cases we leave office without switching off our desktops (“Phantom Power”). It is a software + hardware solution. The solution had most triggers being calculated on the software side and the actual action would happen in the hardware. At present the company is only looking at implementing these solutions for enterprises with a network of large number of devices.

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